Get ready for an extraordinary October, filled with excitement and the opportunity to transform your living space!

AxiO Dynamics is thrilled to announce our exclusive contest, designed especially for smart home enthusiasts and collectors of exquisite items.


🏆 The Prize

Five fortunate winners will have the extraordinary opportunity to welcome home our limited edition, cutting-edge smart storage solutions! Envision effortlessly arranging your watch collection, beloved shoes, fashionable eyewear, rare bottles, or any cherished possessions you hold dear.

This exclusive product, valued at $2,800 USD, will be available on our upcoming Indiegogo campaign. As a special offer, the first 495 early adopters will enjoy a 10% discount on this exceptional creation. Don't miss this chance to revolutionize your storage experience and add a touch of elegance to your home!


🌐 How to Participate

It's simple! Just share your passion for smart home devices with us by participating in our contest. Invite your friends who share your enthusiasm for innovative technology and stylish living. For every friend who joins the contest through your referral, you increase your chances of winning!


🤩 Why Participate


Transform Your Space

AxiO's smart storage solutions redefine the way you organize your treasures, maximizing space and elegance.


Effortless Organization

Experience the convenience of our intuitive interfaces, ensuring your items are just a touch away.


Exclusive Limited Edition

Our contest features our unique limited edition models, crafted for those who appreciate the extraordinary.


🎉 Spread the Joy

Share the contest with friends who have a passion for smart living and stylish collections. The more friends you bring in, the higher your chances of winning one of our coveted prizes!


Don't miss this golden opportunity to elevate your lifestyle with AxiO Dynamics.

Participate now, share the excitement, and get ready to welcome innovation, style, and convenience into your home. Together, let's make your living space a testament to elegance and technology. Join the contest, share the love, and let the transformation begin! 

Introducing our Exclusive Limited Edition AxiO Dynamics Smart Cabinet


Limited Edition - Exclusively Yours

This bespoke AxiO Dynamics cabinet is not just an ordinary storage solution; it’s a masterpiece exclusively designed for our contest winners and a select group of 495 fortunate users who will be able to snag it in our upcoming Indiegogo campaign. Crafted with utmost precision and style, this limited edition piece is your ticket to unparalleled elegance and convenience.


Intuitive Sensor Control

Unlike our regular models, this limited edition beauty is controlled by a sensor button, ensuring a seamless user experience without the need for a smartphone app. Plus, it’s designed for easy upgradability, ready to transform into a connected marvel as soon as our connectivity kit hits the shelves.


Shipping Included

As a contest winner, you won’t have to lift a finger. Your limited edition AxiO cabinet, along with shipping, will arrive right at your doorstep, ready to grace your home with its presence.



  • Shelves: 16 spacious shelves, each measuring W=26.5 inches, H=9.9 inches, and D=15.6 inches.
  • Overall Dimensions: Height: 8 feet, Width: 5 feet 2 inches, Depth: 1 foot 7 inches.


Design and Material

While the design and materials might vary slightly from what you’ve seen in our promotional videos, rest assured, the final product will exude the same level of sophistication and craftsmanship. We’re committed to delivering a piece that perfectly balances form and function.


Shipping Details

Your limited edition cabinet is set to ship in May/June 2024, bringing a touch of luxury and organization to your space.


What is AxiO Dynamics Limited Edition Contest?

AxiO Dynamics Limited Edition Contest is an exciting giveaway where participants can win our exclusive limited edition smart cabinet. Participants are required to provide email addresses of 5 friends. If any friend becomes a participant, the referrer gets a chance to win our unique product.

How do I participate in the contest?

To participate, simply provide 5 valid email addresses of your friends. If any of your friends join the contest, you are eligible for a chance to win the limited edition product.

Is there a fee to participate?

No, participation is completely free. There are no hidden charges or fees.

Will my friends know that I provided their email address?

No, rest assured, your privacy is our priority. The invitations are sent by our system anonymously, so your friends won't know who invited them to join the contest.

Can I participate multiple times?

Yes, you can participate multiple times as long as you provide unique email addresses for each entry.

When will the winners be announced?

The winners will be announced after the contest ends on November 2, 2023. Stay tuned for updates on our website and social media channels.

How will I know if my friends have participated?

If any of your friends participate, you will receive an email notification confirming your entry into the contest.

What is the prize for the winners?

he prize is our limited edition smart cabinet, specially designed for the winners. It includes 16 shelves and offers a unique storage experience.

Can I see the product before it's shipped?

While the final design may vary, we will release an updated video showcasing the product before shipping. Stay connected for the latest updates.

What happens if none of my friends participate?

If none of your friends join the contest, you won't receive a ticket. Make sure to invite friends who are interested in smart home devices and remember, you can participate multiple times as long as you provide unique email addresses for each entry.

How will the product be shipped to the winners?

The limited edition product will be shipped directly to the winners' addresses. Shipping costs are included, ensuring a hassle-free delivery experience.

How will you know my identity and address to ship the cabinet?

In the initial phase, we only ask for email addresses. Once the winners are selected, we will send a private message to them, requesting necessary personal information for shipping. Your privacy is our utmost concern, and we will only ask for essential details required for delivery.