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Experience the future of smart living with AxiO's groundbreaking mechanism. At the push of a button or through our user-friendly app, shelves and drawers smoothly ascend on one side and descend on the other, ensuring your belongings effortlessly come within reach.

No more reliance on step ladders or strained efforts—let AxiO redefine the way you interact with your storage space. In this era of intelligent furnishings, it's time for furniture to adapt to humans, not the other way around!

Exploring Professional and Signature Editions


Step into the realm of retail innovation with the Dynamic Retail edition by AxiO Dynamics

Beyond the power of dynamic planograms, this edition enhances customer experiences through advanced accessibility features, making it effortless for customers to locate their preferred items.

For retailers, AxiO offers unparalleled control over in-store inventory, providing insights into customer behavior while unlocking the potential for inventive merchandising techniques.

Revel in the seamless blend of technology and convenience, as AxiO redefines the future of retail with its responsive shelving system.

Signature Edition

Transform your living space with personalized storage solutions, meticulously tailored to harmonize with lavish interiors

Every aspect, from refined finishes to cutting-edge functionality, is thoughtfully selected, ensuring a storage experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

This Signature Edition is developed under license from renowned luxury brands, promising the integration of your favorite footwear or apparel brand onto an AxiO-powered Cabinet in the near future.

Elevate your surroundings with this exceptional blend of artistry and functionality, as AxiO continues to redefine the boundaries of storage sophistication.

AxiO Dynamics leverages Swiss expertise in micro-mechanics and automation to revolutionize storage furniture through digital technology


Inspired by the precision and attention to detail that have made Switzerland famous for centuries, AxiO is akin to the movement of a watch, imbuing life into the most exquisite of creations and transforming a simple storage unit into a technological marvel.

With AxiO, a radical change is brought to the world of furniture by offering a completely new storage experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is AxiO?

AxiO is a revolutionary storage solution that utilizes advanced mechanisms, allowing shelves and drawers to seamlessly move to the ideal position, ensuring effortless accessibility

Where can I use AxiO?

AxiO is versatile, suitable for various spaces such as kitchens, dressing rooms, wine cellars, and more. It’s perfect for both residential homes and commercial spaces

Is AxiO suitable for people with disabilities or the elderly?

Certainly, AxiO's core emphasis lies in enhancing accessibility. While it was initially conceived to cater to the needs of individuals facing mobility challenges, particularly the elderly and those with disabilities, we soon recognized that this was just the tip of the iceberg. AxiO goes beyond its initial purpose, proving to be a game-changer in convenience and ergonomics for people of all ages and abilities

Does AxiO require maintenance?

AxiO is engineered for durability and minimal maintenance. Regular cleaning is usually all that’s needed to keep it functioning optimally

Is AxiO child-safe?

Yes, AxiO is designed with safety in mind. It incorporates features to prevent accidental openings, making it safe for homes with children

Can AxiO be controlled remotely?

Absolutely! AxiO provides a diverse selection of finishes and materials, ensuring customization that aligns seamlessly with diverse interior styles and personal preferences. Additionally, AxiO is available in several variants tailored to its specific applications. Users can effortlessly control it using a straightforward sensor button or opt for the smartphone app, depending on their chosen variant

Where can I purchase AxiO?

The AxiO Home Edition is seamlessly integrated by our partnered cabinet makers. For purchasing, please visit the websites of our trusted partners to explore the AxiO Powered Cabinet. For those looking to insert AxiO into their existing cabinets, the standalone version will be available for purchase on our website soon. Stay tuned for updates on its availability

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AxiO Dynamics
Biel, Switzerland

About Us: Redefining Storage, Elevating Lifestyle

Welcome to AxiO Dynamics, where innovative storage solutions meet unparalleled elegance. At AxiO, we're pioneers of seamless integration, transforming storage from a necessity to an art form.

Our journey begins in the world of luxury, crafting custom-designed cabinets for high-end homes, boutique stores, and esteemed hospitality spaces.

AxiO isn't just about storage; it's a statement of luxury and accessibility, enhancing lifestyles one shelf at a time. Collaborating with renowned brands in fashion, wine, and watches, our Signature Editions epitomize sophistication.

From dynamic planograms in supermarkets to bespoke solutions in high-end boutiques, AxiO ensures every item is not just stored but showcased.

Join us in the revolution, where accessibility meets opulence, and storage becomes an exquisite experience